Wales sub-group

Terms of reference for the Wales sub-group are as follows:

  1. To advise the Board on what amendments need to be made to the text of the Handbook, ‘Life in the United Kingdom: a journey to Citizenship’, in light of their regional interests.

  2. To advise their respective authorities on what leaflets with additional information could usefully be placed in the back folder of the Handbook

  3. To advise the Board on citizenship test content in order to ensure appropriate content with respect to their national or regional interests

The documents below are in Adobe PDF format. To view them, you may first need to download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader.

File Size
Welsh 1st sub-group meeting minutes (02-02-05) 22kb
Welsh 2nd sub-group meeting minutes (10-03-05) 32kb
Welsh 3nd sub-group meeting minutes (10-05-05)
Welsh 4th sub-group meeting minutes (12-10-05) 32kb
Welsh 5th sub-group meeting minutes (08-02-06) 40kb
Welsh 6th sub-group meeting minutes (21-06-06)