The terms of reference for ABNI are as follows:

  1. Advise on the implementation and processes of initial and final assessment of understanding of language and of civic structures as required by the Nationality Immigration and Asylum Act 2002.

  2. Advise on ways in which language and citizenship education resources and support services both in the public and in the voluntary might be developed and better co-ordinated.

  3. Advise on future development of the programme of studies and suggest changes in light of feedback from early participants.

  4. Aim to publish an annual report on the administration of the learning and teaching processes involved in naturalisation on the integration of immigrants and on immigration law and procedures and educational regulations that can directly affect assessment for naturalisation.

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File Size
1st Meeting (23-11-04)  
ABNI 1st meeting agenda 65kb
ABNI 1st meeting minutes 59kb
2nd Meeting (20-01-05)  
ABNI 2nd meeting agenda 18kb
ABNI 2nd meeting minutes 45kb
Paper for ABNI 2nd Meeting ABNI Research Plans 61kb
Paper for ABNI 2nd meeting draft letter to employers 23kb
Paper for ABNI 2nd Meeting ESOL Citizenship Workshops Letter 13kb
Paper for ABNI 2nd Meeting Exemptions to Language Requirement 42kb
Paper for ABNI 2nd Meeting Letter from JD-E to ABNI for advice 16kb
Paper for ABNI 2nd Meeting Local Strategic Partnerships 54kb
Paper for ABNI 2nd Meeting Terms of Ref & Roles of Sub-Groups 34kb
3rd Meeting (21-02-05)  
ABNI 3rd meeting agenda 16kb
ABNI 3rd meeting minutes 63kb
Paper for ABNI 3rd meeting -Letter to Employers 13kb
4th Meeting (01-06-05)  
ABNI 4th meeting agenda 18kb
ABNI 4th meeting minutes 15kb
Paper for ABNI 4th meeting Report on DfES Skills for Business 12kb
Paper for ABNI 4th meeting Main outcomes of Ivan Lewis Meeting 32kb
Paper for ABNI 4th meeting Notes of Meeting with Hugh Tollyfield DfES 23kb
Paper for ABNI 4th meeting NI Subgroup comments on Life in UK Handbook
5th Meeting (07-09-05)  
ABNI 5th meeting agenda 63kb
ABNI 5th meeting minutes 16kb
Paper for ABNI 5th meeting LSC Meeting with Anita Hallam 21kb
Paper for ABNI 5th meeting Concordat - Joint Statement on Employers and Migrants 19kb
Paper for ABNI 5th meeting Consultation Document - Selective Admission: Making Migration Work For Britain 338kb
Paper for ABNI 5th meeting Scottish sub-group's rationale for an active citizenship unit
6th Meeting (15-12-05)  
ABNI 6th meeting agenda 16kb
ABNI 6th meeting minutes 52kb
Paper for ABNI 6th meeting Annual Report draft structure 14kb
Paper for ABNI 6th meeting ILPA article - Financial Times
7th Meeting (08-03-06)  
ABNI 7th meeting agenda  
ABNI 7th meeting minutes  
8th Meeting (14-06-06)  
ABNI 8th meeting agenda  
ABNI 8th meeting minutes  
Paper for ABNI 8th meeting awayday report  
9th Meeting (07-09-06)  
ABNI 9th meeting agenda  
ABNI 9th meeting minutes  
10th Meeting (29-11-06)  

ABNI 10th meeting agenda


ABNI 10th meeting minutes

11th Meeting (22-02-07)  
ABNI 11th meeting agenda  

ABNI 11th meeting minutes

12th Meeting (02-05-07)  
ABNI 12th meeting minutes  

13th Meeting (13-09-07)

PDF icon ABNI 13th meeting minutes  
14th Meeting (15-11-07)  
ABNI 14th meeting minutes  
15th Meeting (31-11-07)  
ABNI 15th meeting minutes  
16th Meeting (23-03-08)  
ABNI 16th meeting minutes